Love is forever eternal cycle of completeness

We all are here now and will be here again within our soul, body and spirit when tomorrow comes. We are capable of freeing our time now and continue our journey to experience and re-experience till tomorrow.  We are the one who can decide to renew and refresh our experience based on our intention. We are capable of create anything with our thought, feelings, and action. Our thought create feeling.  Our feeling create action. And our action create result.  We are the one who choose to learn and remember each time our thought come to play.  The memory of love from the past can be forgotten or renew itself either by erasing it completely or imprint itself at will when we are strongly impassioned.

We have the choice to create the memory through feeling either for short term or long term.  Our journey is limited because we are like candle of light.  It will be temporary going to void and can only be relighted when the journey start again. We will come to realize that there is no better feeling than love. So don’t just think about it.  Let’s create that feeling of love.  Because love is forever eternal cycle of completeness.