Live Talk Show With My Wife And Me

Live talk with my wife and me.  I’m grateful that I am an American.   I love this country, America. America was a great country because we had many great leaders or presidents from the past. We were glad that they used their authority to keep this country strong and free.  Yes, this was theContinue reading “Live Talk Show With My Wife And Me”

How To Prepare For Spartan Challenge

Another amazing interview with the future champion of Spartan Challenge. This podcast session is about Spartan Challenge and how we were getting ready for the challenge. My wife heard from one of her friends that the Spartan Challenge happened once a year in November. She was excited and now we are setting our mission toContinue reading “How To Prepare For Spartan Challenge”

The Secret To An Awesome Lifestyle

Welcome to another episode of my podcasts. On today episode, I will share with you my daily routine, exercise and the secret to an awesome lifestyle.  I love my life. I am happily married with the most beautiful woman in the world. We have 3 talented daughters and two handsome sons. I love working outContinue reading “The Secret To An Awesome Lifestyle”