Live Talk Show With My Wife And Me

Live talk with my wife and me.  I’m grateful that I am an American.   I love this country, America. America was a great country because we had many great leaders or presidents from the past. We were glad that they used their authority to keep this country strong and free.  Yes, this was the land of the braves. 

Today is the president’s day. My wife and I are celebrating it quietly and peacefully. Earlier in the morning, my wife and I went the gym for a 2 -hour -workout. We just got home from the gym as I was recording this podcast. 

 My wife was in the kitchen cooking our favorite dish (Cambodian Salad Dipping) and I was helping her doing the dishes. Listen to our talk show via our podcast or the following audio for me details.

Let’s celebrate our President Day today and be grateful for the great country that we live in. 

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Published by Vision Protector

Vision Protector was founded in the first week of February, 2017. I was doing a research for the products to help with eye sights or vision.  It was a challenge but I found it.  I'm excited because I will share these products with you. It is always my passion to help people in protecting their sights, improve their vision and value our customer service. So I elected the name, "Vision Protector," to match our future goals.
I want to provide the right products to help people protecting and improving their vision or eye sight. We will introduce those products through our blog.
I believe that customer's satisfaction is #1 priority. We value your voice and critique. You can communicate with us by leaving comments and your information on the contact page.   
Come back to visit us soon. May your vision be the guidance to success, freedom and security. Thank you for your time with Vision Protector.
Best Regards,
Samuel Tith
Director of Vision Protector

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