How To Prepare For Spartan Challenge

Another amazing interview with the future champion of Spartan Challenge. This podcast session is about Spartan Challenge and how we were getting ready for the challenge. My wife heard from one of her friends that the Spartan Challenge happened once a year in November. She was excited and now we are setting our mission to compete in this event.

We were at the Gym at least 5-6 days a week working out on various exercise to get our mind and body for this challenge. My wife will share with you what motivates her to be part of the challenge. She also tell you how she prepare for it. I also talked a little bit about the city that we live in.


Here what we encourage you to do to be part of this exciting challenge or community:

  • Get involved with this challenge by be a part of our team. 
  • Contact us or listen to our talk show via this audio for more information. 
  • Subscribe to our podcast to listen to other audio talk shows and future talk shows.

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