Wedding Reception

On October 1, 2016, my friend invited me an my family to the wedding reception at the Asian Palace Restaurant in Stockton, Ca.  My wife, my daughter and I went together.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by the bride and the groom along with their family at the front door.  One of our best friends also come to greet us and walked us to our table that was only a few feet away from the front door.  I noticed that there were over 200 people inside the restaurant.  As we took our seat, I observed more people coming in to join us.

We waited until our table was filled with 5 more people. There were live band and DJ music playing at the stage in the middle section of the restaurant.  There were also a photo booth that was set up at the front corner next to the front entrance.  We were served with 7 Chinese food consisting of soup, seafood salad, chicken fried rice, Chinese spinach with mushrooms, fried duck, orange pork ribs, and fried quail.  The food was okay. It was enough.

Published by Vision Protector

Vision Protector was founded in the first week of February, 2017. I was doing a research for the products to help with eye sights or vision.  It was a challenge but I found it.  I'm excited because I will share these products with you. It is always my passion to help people in protecting their sights, improve their vision and value our customer service. So I elected the name, "Vision Protector," to match our future goals.
I want to provide the right products to help people protecting and improving their vision or eye sight. We will introduce those products through our blog.
I believe that customer's satisfaction is #1 priority. We value your voice and critique. You can communicate with us by leaving comments and your information on the contact page.   
Come back to visit us soon. May your vision be the guidance to success, freedom and security. Thank you for your time with Vision Protector.
Best Regards,
Samuel Tith
Director of Vision Protector

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