Hi, I am Samuel Tith. I am a founder of Vision Protector. I am passionate in helping people from all walks of life with their sights and vision. As you scroll through my blog, you will see many wonderful products such as sunglasses, reading glasses and  accessories that are essential in helping people with their vision.

I will share the philosophy, values and goals.  Here are some of the values: honor, integrity, and respect.

I believe that we are here to share experience and satisfaction through communication and understanding.  So if you have any questions, please contact me through my contact page.    Thank your for your visit. I am looking forward to welcome you back to my site.

Best Regards,

Samuel Tith

Director of Vision Protector

We all are here now but as tomorrow come we wil find ourselves in a different place in time. We frequently fall in love in the past and when the moment passed we found out that it’s only a temporary feeling.  We feel great at the beginning. There are lots of dramas in the beginning and middle part of our life. As the the journey comes to an end, we come to realize that love is and was in fact a temporary feeling of satisfaction. I am sad to say that I wish that love would lasted forever.

Love is a temporary feeling of satisfaction

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